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Dune: Awakening Updates FAQ's with Beta Selection Info and Teases 'Lone Wolf' Playstyle

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Dune: Awakening developed by Funcom has just come off a series of hands-off demos over the past few weeks. Today, the team has updated their FAQ’s with some new information touching on closed testing, the NDA, and how you can get selected for the next set of tests.

Open-world survival MMO Dune: Awakening has updated their FAQ’s on their official Discord, answering a lot of simple questions about what kind of game D:A is, and how players can get into the next yet-to-be-announced Closed Beta. Closed Beta sign-ups have been available since late last year, and the FAQ’s answer plenty of questions you may have about how people get selected and when.

If you’re interested in getting into the next Closed Beta, you can sign-up by filling out their survey. Signing-up will not guarantee you a spot, but if you want to increase your chances of being picked, the FAQ’s state that being an active member of the Discord is a direct path to getting into future tests. In addition, once selected, you’ll need to be part of the Discord as that is a requirement, alongside the signing of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

To round out the new FAQ rollout, the official Dune: Awakening social media account teased some information for solo players, nodding to the benefits and hazards of becoming a “Lone Wolf”.

Currently there is no information on when the next test will take place, when the next Dune Direct Episode will air, or when the team intends to see the game release. We still have many questions related to the recent media push, when so little information on launch has been unveiled. What we do know is that Funcom is actively attempting to bring in more players to shape the game, and they’ve teased multiple tests planned throughout the remainder of the year. For more information, you’ll want to read through the lengthy FAQ’s now available on Dune: Awakening’s Discord.


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