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Dual Universe Update 0.25 Now, Improves Performance and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Update 0.25 for Dual Universe is now available bringing performance improvements and more to the space-faring game. Here’s what you can expect.

As he team notes, update 0.25 will be release incrementally. This means some features like the missions system and challenges will be included in a future increment of update 0.25. The increment available now, however, focuses primarily on performance and database storage improvements. This release follows testing on the PTS which contained several of these improvements.

The key highlights of this increment include the following:

  • Voxel compression - We’ve implemented large, fundamental changes in how voxels are stored server-side, optimizing and improving player bandwidth usage going forward.
  • Constructs LOD - Level of detail (LOD) improvements mean that ships and bases in the distance will now load and display a lower resolution version. This should improve framerate in some places and allow for faster loading times overall.

The team notes that these improvements aren’t a “magic bullet” and to expect further improvements and upgrades down the line. Full patch notes for update 0.25 can be found in the game’s launcher. For now, you can read the summary here.

Recently, the Dual Universe team addressed some of the community’s most popular questions in an FAQ of sorts. These included questions about the future of the game and more. Earlier in the year, Novaquark underwent a change in leadership with Jean-Christophe no longer running day to day operations. He was replaced with Nicolas Granatino who remains the current President.

Jean-Chrstophe, meanwhile, remains a member of the board.


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