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Dual Universe Update 0.24 Is Here, Brings Organizational Wallet, Visual Improvements, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Update 0.24 for Dual Universe has finally arrived, bringing several new features like the organization wallet.

We had previously covered the organization wallet system, but in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap. In short, this wallet will be a simple straightforward system to transfer money to and from organizations. There will be rights associated with each wallet, allowing for you to consult the wallet, or edit the wallet. The transfer of funds part is the important bit here as was noted,

“All players can give any amount of quanta to any other player or organization. Players with the necessary wallet rights of an organization can also transfer money from the organization wallet to any other entity. Transfers are tracked in the wallet logs of both the sender and the recipient.”

The update also brings the Mission System which will allow players to make money in new methods. There were several tenets announced for the system, outlining the goal the devs had for appealing to many playstyles while creating more space traffic.

The update also brings new jetpack behavior along with new voxelmancy tools and functions. These include new biomes, assets, night lighting and much more. You can check out the trailer for update 0.24 below.


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