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Dual Universe Trailer Showcases Building Fundamentals

Dat trailer tho

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Dual Universe showed off building fundamentals earlier in a new trailer. Here’s what it covered.

The trailer took a look at the versatile arsenal of creative tools available in its ambitious title, which launched into beta this past August. Structures to build include outposts, hover vehicles, warships, space stations, and cities.

The trailer itself highlighted how players have utilized in-game tools to mold fascinating structures outfitted with interactive elements. These include doors, force fields, containers, switches, traps, cockpits and more. It also comprised of simple and complex interactions (which vary from turning on a light to elaborate puzzles), and behaviors that dictate how anything from a factory monitor screen to a playable video game functions.

in case you missed it, a recent Dual Universe dev blog discussed protecting intellectual property. It covered off two different categories of blueprints and what the team is doing to protect their players’ creations and intellectual property in creating those blueprints.


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