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Dual Universe Team Wants You to Determine Future Features

You can vote

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Do you want to help shape the future of features in Dual Universe? Well, you actually can.

Novaquark has shared a newsletter calling for just that community feedback and input. They note they have several key gameplay pillars that they’ve built out, with more features on the way. However, they’re turning to the community to understand what the community wants. To that end, you can actually vote on the features here.

A few examples of features include:

  • Wallets for orgs and easier money transfer
  • Energy management
  • Player-driven simple mission system
  • Graphical improvements
  • Secure options for construct trading, via dispensers

These features and more have several pins attached to them. Novaquark has provided an explainer on what these pins mean as you go and vote. For example, here is what pinned, planned, and under construction mean:

  • Pinned: This feature is currently in active development or will soon be and doesn’t require further voting.
  • Planned: This feature may already be in our roadmap and be released at a future date.
  • Under Consideration: This feature may or may not be implemented depending on its popularity. Pinned and Planned features take priority first.


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