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Dual Universe Shows Off Major Graphical Upgrades Coming in Athena

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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There's a brand-new Dev blog for Dual Universe spotlighting the VFX updates coming in the ever-bigger Athena update. Novaquark highlights include the new skybox, a blueprint visualization option to help you build,  improved water visuals, and even some new warp VFX.

Of course, when showing off a big VFX update, it only makes sense to get a visual preview, and the team has provided just that. It’s one thing to describe improved water, but another to see the shimmering waves and depth of water as the viewpoint pans downward. From a murky depth to a defined environmental space, the improvements are stark.

Blueprint visualizations are going to also be a major helpful tool for players, with the way building and customization are important parts of Dual Universe. The taste we get in the video demonstrates just how it will look to be able to visualize blueprints before placing them, and to have a finer control over that placement. This will come together right on your keyboard and, with their robust building tools, is like a companion quality of life option.

The new skybox is going to be a prominent feature of the graphical upgrade that’s coming. Since you’re likely to be spending a lot of time in space, traveling through a crisper, more defined skybox is going to enhance the experience. You might also appreciate the new warp VFX upgrade coming once you’ve taken in the improved skybox visuals and decided it’s time to get on your way, fast.

The Athena update will be out soon. While the original announcements focused on the notion that you’ll need to prepare for war, the details on this next update show that it’s much bigger and more important than it may have seemed at the outset.

You can visit the Dual Universe site for the latest devblog.


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