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Dual Universe Roadmap Updated With Panacea Update, With Features, and a Pledge to Do Better With Feedback

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The Dual Universe roadmap has been updated, and the team has announced the Panacea update as the winter update. The name is intentional,  since this entry in the roadmap is intended to evoke the commitment from the team to take player feedback more seriously and to use it earlier. The update also seeks to include some new improvements.

Panacea was intently chosen as  "a reference to our renewed dedication to taking player feedback into greater consideration”. This refers to the subsequent time after the Demeter release and community feedback involving fees and fines. They recognize falling short and not implementing feedback or responding in a timely way so the Novaquark team is suspending territory upkeep pay for  two weeks beginning January 12th. While the upkeep system and the fees were initially introduced as a way to prevent land grabs, they pledged to be more thoughtful in their approach and not simply put in fees that some found too steep. 

As for the game, this update follows the changes that came with Selene and Demeter, so not only will it build on those updates, there will be new tools and features as well. One of them is the new Vertex Precision Tool that will be a way for people to fine tune their builds. The tool should particularly helpful for those who don't have a lot of experience with voxel-based games.

There will be UI improvements to talents in the interest of reducing clutter and keeping things  running smoothly, they will also be working on implementing a requisition system for inactive constructs. This will be an automated system that will start working on handling constructs by players who unsubscribed to help keep otherwise crowded areas less clogged by inactive constructs and available to use for active players.

The update will also look to add shipwrecks in space. These, of course, create some opportunities. Those ships can be salvaged, sold, or even used to create missions for other players. You can also simply sell the location information and leave what to do with a ship in someone else's hands.

You can see the new roadmap plans over at Dual Universe.


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