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Dual Universe Reveals Details of First Two Upcoming Patches, Including Rewards, and a Minor Radar Overhaul

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Dual Universe has now been out for just over a month and the Novaquark team has given an idea of what we can expect going forward in the first two updates. 

One of the post-launch things the team has planned is to get people their Kickstarter rewards. With prior efforts dedicated to development, and then beta and finally, getting the game out there for launch, they’re planning on the digital rewards for backers to go out with update 1.1. Among these rewards include avatar skins, an Alpha Team outfit, Earth Legacy outfit, a dance emote, different kinds of pets, and more, all based on the contribution tier.

Beyond the initial update and all of the backer rewards, they give a look into what we can expect beyond that, in update 1.2. One of the big ones is a tactical map, which will be able to give you a view around a construct that will be made possible by active radar. This should add an additional layer to defenses. And speaking of radar, Novaquark also plans what they’re calling a minor revamp of the radar system in Dual Universe.

There will be a couple of other changes coming in 1.2, including some changes to asteroids and the deep space asteroid tracker, and some new tools to use to find wrecks. If things have been a little lean out there in your exploration, it seems this update may help out.

When it comes to repair units, they’re also getting some love, where they’ll be able to use scrap. Finally, there’s going to be an Orbital Delivery challenge.

These upcoming changes only get the barest of mentions, and the team hasn’t elaborated on them in this announcement. Yet, it is a mini-roadmap for the first two updates as Dual Universe continues to settle into its full launch phase.

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