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Dual Universe 'Recruit A Friend' Program Arrives Alongside Beta on August 27

Rewards for everyone

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Dual Universe team have announced the Recruit-a-Friend program which is set to debut alongside the beta August 27.

Like other such programs, this recruit-a-friend program will offer rewards. Interestingly, this program is “built to reward the total game time purchased by recruits, and not just the total number of players who were recruited.”

In short, you’ll get a Recruiter link from the new site which goes live on August 27. Accessing this link, you can send it to your friend in question. Your friend then creates an account, which will link their account and your account. Note, once these accounts are linked, they cannot be unlinked.

When your friend then buys the game, they’ll get a jumpstart booster package including:

  • 1 Static core unit size XS 
  • 1 Cockpit SKIN
  • 1 Container Hub
  • 2 Container size S
  • A two-seater speeder blueprint to venture in
  • A one-time teleporter for your friend to join you
  • 1 week's worth of talent points to freely distribute

Rewards are available for the player who does the recruiting as well. These rewards are broken down by tiers and by months of game time accrued from your friends. For a full breakdown of these tiers and an FAQ on the program, check out the details here.


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