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Dual Universe Q&A Is All About 0.25 and 0.26

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The folks at Novaquark, the team behind Dual Universe, held a Q&A of sorts for updates 0.25 and 0.26. Read on for more details.

If you recall, update 0.25 was release back in May and brought several improvements to performance and more. You can read our recap here. Even more recently, Novaquark discussed changes to Organizations, including new regulations introduced. Catch up on that here.

This recent Q&A, then, continues on that theme of organizations changes. The community wanted to know if there will be more such changes in 0.26. Novaquark responded,

“Following feedback from the community and discussions with some of the major org leaders, we announced this week that the org changes have been postponed. While we still need to address issues caused by nested organizations, we also want to make sure that we approach the changes in a collaborative manner with the players. With more options to consider and more conversations needed, it’s highly unlikely that these changes will come with the next major version, Apollo (0.26).”

PvP balance changes were also of concern, with the community asking what exactly the team meant by “PvP balance changes.” Specifically, the community wanted to know if combat would be improving, or if these changes simply include the addition of shields. The response from Novaquark was thus,

“We’ll share more details as the Apollo release date gets closer. To give you a little sneak peek now, we can say that overall it will feature weapons changes (including cosmetics), PvP-related bug fixes, the introduction of shields, and quite a few changes to the overall balancing of PvP. We would like to manage expectations by stating that this will be the first wave of changes and that we will have more heavy PvP-focused releases in the future.”

You can catch the full Dual Universe Q&A over on the official forums.


Poorna Shankar