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Dual Universe Preps For Tomorrow's Launch With New Launch Trailer

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Dual Universe finally drops out of Early Access tomorrow, September 27th, and the team at Novaquark are celebrating with a new launch trailer giving a taste of what's to come.

Dual Universe aims to create a thriving solar system where players can completely shape the world around them voxel by voxel. The Early Access was dominated by these player creations, with settlements, space stations, fights over resources and more taking over the player-driven narrative throughout. However, players will be starting anew tomorrow as the team at Novaquark took the servers down for a wipe to prep for the influx of new players once Dual Universe launches.

The new trailer, posted by IGN today, shows vast numbers of player-made structures, ships, full cities made by players, and much more. The trailer also shows off a little bit of space combat, with a fleet of pirate ships taking on a space station.

The tagline, "Do whatever you want," is truly what the developers have tried to get across in the years since Dual Universe has been in active development. The idea is to create a living sandbox driven by the players themselves, with the dev team simply handing them the tools to make it happen. How that all plays out in real-time will be seen, though, as Dual Universe launches on September 27th.


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