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Dual Universe Players Host an Aerospace Expo Event with Over 700 Ships Showcased

How Many Times Can I Say Zenith Before It's Too Much?

Steven Weber Posted:
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Dual Universe just had its first Zenith Aerospace Expo, hosted by Zenith Corporation at the Zenith Spaceport. If Zenith hasn’t been said enough yet, allow me to say it at least once more as it might pique your interest to know that the Zenith Aerospace Expo was a completely player-driven event where over 700 ships and 1000 visitors participated.

The event allowed players to buy and sell ships during the expo, and many of the 700 ships were sold, resulting in about 1 billion Quanta (in game currency) transacted. Damien from Novaquark explains the event below:

“Player reaction to the event was extremely positive, they are always fun to take part in and visit. Which is why so many Orgs are doing them now.”

Zenith Corporation is comprised of about 90 members and the next Expo is scheduled for January 8th – 11th and will be hosted by Hyperion, part of the Alioth Aerospace Expo commission. The next expo is set to be 10 times larger than the Zenith Expo, and there is a host of organizers working diligently to build the 300L core platform for the event.

Below are a few screenshots from the Zenith event that went on October 17th – 18th.

If you’re interested in Dual Universe, then you should check out our Open Beta Preview, as it was recently reported that Dual Universe is looking for more players to help determine the games future features.


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