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Dual Universe Offers Deep Dive into Alien Core Units and How they Work for PvP and Resources

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With the recently-added Athena update, Dual Universe introduced a number of new features, including the new Alien Core Units. These units let you reap resources if you can claim or conquer them. Now, Novaquark has released a new video on the feature, showing how it all works. The team is also introducing Digital Access Coupons, a way to claim or give game time.

When it comes to Alien Core Units, they’re both a way for you to challenge other players and test out your PvP skills, but the resource benefits can make a difference. While you can challenge a captured, occupied core, even taking down its shields, the feature has some balance features to both enable both sides to have a chance to have some fun, and lets all have a shot at capturing, or keeping, the core. 

In the video, you can see a scuffle where shields are broken in an attack. Instead of simply leaving the core vulnerable immediately, and a quick takeover, it has a built-in lock down system that creates  temporary invulnerability, in order to let the defense have a chance to come together. If your base is attacked, and you don't have active defenders at that time, it might not work out in your favor but if you do have the base occupied with people ready to defend, you're not automatically wiped out should your shields go down.

This offers opportunity for players to learn and to come back better. If the opponent takes your shields down again, well maybe you need to skill up. But at least you get a chance instead of letting players just steamroll one another. 

Novaquark has also introduced Digital Access Coupons. This is the first iteration of the system, which exists as part of the game's economy and allows players to gain or give game time using quanta. This first version will be website based, end eventually they will further develop the system to be more integrated. The initial set of coupons has already been claimed because they were part of Kickstarter backer packages. But there will be more on the way. 

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