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Dual Universe Mercury Update Adds the Exchange, a Community Marketplace and Resets Talent Points

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 Novaquark is marking Nearly two years since the Dual Universe beta began with the latest update, Mercury. Mercury features a new Lua API, the arrival of the exchange, Global illumination, an expansion of the DAC system with a summer type, additional polish and bug fixes, plus a talent point reset.

The arrival of the Exchange as a central commercial hub  is another important expansion of Alioth,  especially as it concerns player interaction and the player-driven economy. The Alioth Exchange is effectively a connection between players via a community marketplace or shopping center where anyone can apply to advertise their offerings and trade goods and whatever else they're selling. It is an in-game destination that you can access via a teleportation loop in the Pioneer Zone. To introduce the feature, there’s also a new video.

The update also brings a talent point reset as part of a system upgrade by the team. While this was technically  an unavoidable step, it is an opportunity for players to try out new talents, perhaps try another build, or just take advantage of a free reset. We  all know what it's like to spend some points you wish you hadn’t.

Summer DACs are here, and they are a separate feature from the standard DACs. These let any player gift a month of free time to another player. Novaquark has given every active player one DAC to give to a new player, giving them the opportunity to use this to test the web-based DAC system.

The update also features a major Lua UI API overhaul. Because these are the building blocks for Dual Universe, the overhaul includes a restructuring of the entire Lua API, Reliance on event-driven code to help reduce player loops and server requests, a reduction in script size and complexity, additional features, using the overhaul to add additional points of interest to some elements in the game, and more. Their purpose is to reset the Lua API and also prepare the game for the future. Some of the changes won't be apparent, but consider it a new foundation. 

Read the notes here for the Mercury release for the Dual Universe beta.


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