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Dual Universe Leaves Beta For Full Launch On September 27th, Coming To Steam

Also with a free trial

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Dual Universe, Novaquark's space sandbox that has been in beta for the last two years, now has an official release date. Dual Universe will be leaving beta and launching officially on September 27th on Steam as well as the official website.

The last two years have seen improvements made to the single-shard MMO, such as space warfare, new visual effects and more, the MMO is launching out of beta and into the wild fully on September 27th. The date also marks the first time Dual Universe will be available on Steam.

The team is already preparing players for the launch, as just last week they announced that the MMO will see a full wipe and reset once the official launch out of beta takes place. Those players who sunk time into the beta (especially as it wasn't free) will see rewards given back to them in the form of experience boosters six months after launch. This delay is meant to give new and beta players alike a level playing field at the outset.

Launching out of beta, the MMO will still require a subscription in order to play, however, Novaquark is offering new fans (and returning players) a free trial at the outset. The trial will take place on a separate server, but gives a taste of what Dual Universe is all about before the player plunks down the money to play it officially.

Via this morning's press release:

“Since Dual Universe’s beta launched two years ago, our community of dedicated Novean explorers, plunderers, miners, and pioneers have created amazing stories in towering cities, underground bases, and orbital space stations,” says Nouredine Abboud, CEO of Novaquark. “We are incredibly thankful for everyone who has embarked on this journey with us so far, and are thrilled to open this new chapter of the game’s incredible voyage so far.”

Initially revealed back in 2016, the upcoming single shared MMO completed a successful Kickstarter to fund a large chunk of the MMO. Since 2020, Dual Universe has been in beta testing, with players paying a monthly subscription for the chance to test the MMO ahead of its full launch. 

Dual Universe aims to be a completely player driven sandbox set in space, reminiscent of another sci-fi MMO on the market, EVE Online. However, Dual Universe allows players to fully build and edit the world around them, from harvesting resources to building player structures and the economy from the ground up.


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