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Dual Universe Launches Today, Has All The Typical Launch Woes

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Dual Universe finally launches out of early access today, bringing the sandbox sci-fi title to players on PC. Unfortunately, as is often the case, Dual Universe can't escape all the typical launch woes that plague MMOs.

Dual Universe brought its sandbox to the MMO world today, charting a course to take its place among the myriad space sci-fi sims we have in the genre. With a completely customizable world where every voxel can be edited by players, it offers the chance to truly see player creativity flourish.

However, as launch days happen, so do the issues that follow them, with reports of players being unable to log into the MMO, issues with players buying Dual Universe in currency other than US Dollars (as well as general confusion over the price  on Steam where it's being review bombed), and more. Some players are having issues with DACs being delivered wrong, while others who are trying to play Dual Universe on GeForce Now aren't having any luck there, either.

Earlier today there was also an issue where the Nanocrafter was broken for many players, a literal game-breaking issue. Thankfully, NovaQuark was quick to fix that, patching it after the lengthy maintenance this morning.

Either way, Dual Universe is facing the same issues that pretty much every live service game has when it launches fully: dealing with scale. While Dual Universe has been in Early Access for a while now, it's a bit different when you've opened it up as the 1.0 launch, especially with a  free trial on Steam for those eager to check it out, but not eager to spend the money for the privilege. 

We were able to hop into Dual Universe this morning after launch and the Nanocrafter patch, and while it still feels somewhat rough around the edges, it'll be interesting to see how the experience holds up the more we play. We'll have more in our review in progress this week.


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