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Dual Universe Kickstarter Update Recaps Alpha 3.1 and More

Summary in case you missed it

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Dual Universe kickstarter update discusses Alpha 3.1 and the global wipe.

Alpha 3.1 was deployed a couple of weeks ago, ahead of the recent global wipe. The team notes that despite the current pandemic and working from home circumstances, beta is still planned for this summer. To that end, as part of the wipe, here’s what’s been reset:

  • Reset of the personal wallet (everyone restarts with a small amount of Quantas).
  • Reset of the planet landscapes and ore veins. 
  • Reset of the player coordinates.
  • Reset of the Talent Points (everyone restarts Talents from scratch).
  • Global wipe of all the Constructs in-game during Alpha 3.0 and before.
  • Players keep Blueprints that were already in inventory.

Alpha 3.1 saw several improvements introduced such as the new UI. To that end, the current test session, which will end up being almost one month long, will end on July 9. You still have time to hop in if eligible.

The Kickstarter update also touches on the new Community Manger, going by NQ-Naerais. Although she joined in March, she will be more active on Discord in addition to hosting live streams. The post concludes by talking about concerns about communication from the team to the community during Alpha 3.0,

“The team is aware there has been a lot of concerns of several topics during the Alpha 3.0. We heard the concerns, and while some are already totally or partially addressed in the Alpha 3.1, it felt necessary to give more details on most important topics. You can read the dedicated forum threads by clicking on the links below:”

Those links are here and here.


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