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Dual Universe July 23 Live Stream Will Address Beta Pricing Model

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Dual Universe team will host a live stream on July 23 (tomorrow) where they’ll cover off several topics, including beta pricing.

The stream will take place on July 23 on their Twitch, in addition to YouTube, and Facebook. The stream will include host NQ_Naeris (Space Mom) who will be joined by NQ-Entropy and JC. Discussion topics will include beta pricing model, discussion surrounding PvP, Lua sculpting, and more. They’ll also be taking questions from chat.

In case you missed it, Dual Universe announced previously that it will launch into beta on August 27 with a subscription model, hence the discussion on deck for the stream tomorrow. The subscription will be offered for 3, 6, and 12 month intervals with the team explaining,

“Novaquark has opted for a subscription model once the Beta goes live. Players looking to experience Dual Universe will have several pricing options available at that time. The company has positioned the game to be accessible, so that players don’t have to shelve out too much per year. Subscriptions begin at $6.99/month, with three options available at launch (with more to come later on). The longer your subscription, the more you save annually, with the 12-month option including two free months in the price.”

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