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Dual Universe Invites Its Alpha Testers to Become Industry Tycoons

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Dual Universe is kicking off its second round of Alpha testing starting today with a host of new features and improvements as well as new players entering the fray. Most notably, players will be able to explore all-new features designed to expand the player-driven economy. 

With some economic tools already in place, Novaquark is expanding players' opportunities to become industry tycoons by allowing the ability to mass-produce items to sell to other players. "Everything from ships to outposts to cities and, soon, space stations" can be created through player industry.

Industry isn’t where Alpha 2 ends, though. Dual Universe now offers an in-depth Talent system, which allows players to develop their character as they acquire new skills. Furthermore, the Virtual Projector opens up even more creation options and makes it easier than ever for players to build from a template, importing existing 3D models as holograms to act as visual support. Couple this with graphical improvements - including luscious, volumetric clouds and a revamped water system - plus much more and you have one of the biggest Dual Universe updates yet!

Learn more about Alpha 2 on the Dual Universe site.


Suzie Ford

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