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Dual Universe Has a Guide On What to Do to Prepare for Reset Ahead of Launch

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Dual Universe will be launching on September 27th, and the Novaquark devs announced that there will be a reset before the game launches. Now, the team is clarifying what this all means even further, with a new guide to how to prepare for the upcoming reset.

With the initial announcement that there would ultimately be a reset before launch, there were some questions in the community and the letter from the creative director about what's coming mentioned that there would be Pioneer Packs for those who have paid for subscription time, which will also deliver talent points and quanta monthly for the first six months, as long as your subscription stays active. So, in this sense, you won’t need to lose everything with the reset.

The guide begins with preparing your Core Blueprints. You should make blueprints of every construct that you want to keep so that you can rebuild it in the future. The team is advising that you keep them in your nanopack to be safe. This also means that you should get any of your Core Blueprints that are in someone else's possession or location. You are only able to keep blueprints that you placed inside your nanopack and your own containers.  

Speaking of Organizations, in order for yours to survive, there must be an established superlegate. You should make a list of all the members so that you can re-invite them after launch. Everything will disappear in the reset except the superlegate and properly stored Core Blueprints. Member lists, logo, manifesto, and even the organization’s name will all go poof.

Finally, you can forget about mining units and hotspot knowledge. All of this will be reset, and all of the ore distribution in Helios will change. The main ideas behind the reset is to start the economy completely fresh, so you’ll have to rebuild your scanners, knowledge, and units later.

For more on how to prepare for the Dual Universe reset, see the guide here.


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