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Dual Universe Gets Free Trial Server As Downtime Coming For Reset and Launch Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Dual Universe is preparing to launch next week on September 27th. Before that, developer Novaquark is now offering a new free trial via Steam and preparing to shut down the servers this week to wipe the server and launch.

With the free trial server opening before the game officially launches, there are some things to know.  The trial takes place on a copy of the main, persistent server but with some differences and things to keep in mind. Gameplay on this server will be accelerated, including by putting useful items on the marketplace at cheap prices to make sure you can get your hands on them. It’s designed for quicker progression but to give you a taste of the game in full, with no changes or limits, just under these special rules.

You'll still need to make money and buy the elements you need to explore and try the different systems in the game, from exploration to building. This is also where keeping prices low comes in this way you can get a chance to explore something quickly without having to spend a lot of time building your way up.

Another thing to know is that the free trial server will continue to be available, so you can take your time but the server will be regularly reset. This will happen periodically, and all accounts will be deleted and the server will restart from scratch. There will be a notification at least one week prior to the next reset, but there is no currently revealed reset frequency.

The main server itself will be reset soon, with a shutdown date announced as September 22nd. This downtime will begin on Thursday and the server won’t be back until launch on the 27th.

For more on the free trial server, accounts, and how things will work, read the announcement at Dual Universe.


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