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Dual Universe Devs Talk the Future of PvP, Including Potential Support Functions Like Remote Repair

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Recently, Novaquark started a Q&A podcast, Ask Aphelia, for Dual Universe as a way to inform the community about certain upcoming developments and to answer a few questions. The newest edition goes into such features as the warp drive LUA API, remote repair, PvP, and support weapons.

When it comes to the LUA API for warp drives will be returning after a delay in development that saw the feature unavailable. While there’s no approximate date when warp drive will return it will happen in a future update.

Recently, with Athena, there was, of course, a new dawn of PvP in Dual Universe, along with the new units like the Alien Core Unit and the ability to capture, defend, and take over these strategic resource-rich bases. In terms of the future of PvP, they’re going to keep adding mechanics and options, make sure they make sense and are tested and worked through.

It seems like PvP will continue to grow. According to NQ Entropy, they want to “add new interactions that are going to allow you to do different things in different ways”. Some might allow you to survive better, a system might let you do more damage, another one might let you evade. Ultimately, they want to give more options for interactions, with an emphasis on variety and player choice.

This week, the devs also respond to a question about the possibility of adding support weapons or other ways to help allies who might be under attack in any form out there in space. 

This kind of angle will be coming to PvP. The team has been looking at things like remote shield repair or something that lets you add shield capacity because it's compatible with the idea of shields themselves. That you can protect an ally through some action of your own, perhaps through something similar to a gunner model with repair functionality. They’re looking into possibilities, some of which might require a type of ammo or energy to use, but they’re looking at a potential path.

You can listen to the full dev Q&A above, and head to Dual Universe for more.


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