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Dual Universe Devs Reveal the First Details of the Barter System

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Dual Universe site has been updated with a new developer diary that lays out the first details about the Barter, or direct player trading, system. Players will be able to engage one another anywhere in the game world by simply right-clicking on another player and initiating the Barter.

Bartering opens up two windows: One for what's being offered for sale and the other showing what a player is willing to trade for it. 

As a safeguard against one player attempting to change the barter at the last second, Novaquark has added this:

At any point during this confirmation, should either player change anything in their basket  (remove an item, add an item, change quanta, etc.) all activated confirmations will be deselected. For example, if I am Bartering an engine for 100 Quanta and I confirm this exchange, my partner may decide to change 100 Quanta to 50, which will automatically deselect my initial offer.

The exchange will proceed only when both parties have confirmed the exchange. Speaking in game terms, if I am Bartering an engine for 100 Quanta and confirm this exchange, and neither basket is modified, once my partner activates their confirmation, the trade will instantly complete. 

Read the full post on the Dual Universe site.


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