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Dual Universe DevBlog Touches on Info Button & Surface Harvesting

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Dual Universe dev blog outlines information on, well, the info button along with surface harvesting.

Newly added to alpha 3, the info button is intended to allow players to leave messages for other players. You can just walk up to it and interact with the UI when it pops up. What’s cool is that the information is on the player UI side of things, not on the game side as outlined by the post,

“…the information stays with the player until they decide to close the window, or after a timer designated by the original creator itself. We also plan on supporting SVG files, so players can display images for others (this feature is expected to release post-Alpha 3).”

Surface harvesting was also discussed. The team intended to include this feature due to a host of reasons, specifically,

  • Make mining more accessible to new players by giving them a quick and easy way to gather low-value elements
  • Implementing a new way of obtaining these elements that doesn’t require digging holes
  • Improve the overall first-time player experience after departing the Arkship
  • Diversifying the gameplay

You can check out the full post here.


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