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Dual Universe Devblog Details the Aegis Market, Coming in the Athena Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When the Athena update comes to Dual Universe, not only will it bring the PvP that warns everyone to prepare for war, but there will be an overhauled new player experience as well as the introduction of the Aegis Market.

Aegis Market is a commercial hub and this will now let players access a bot free market in the void of space. The market station will be located in a zero-gravity environment to let players have another option for cargo transport. you won't have to stop and land in order to trade. This will let you transport resources  and sell them at the market using any ship that works. This will also work with the new Alien Core Units when you transport resources from any you hold. There will be landing pads to let ships dock with teleporters that let players enter the market. You don't have to land, of course, but you can walk through the market. Aegis Market is located in the center point of the safe Zone and there's also a public warp beacon that can take you there.

The developers note in a new blog that this Market, as well as space warfare that's coming in this update, can possibly “provide new design routes to the next generation of player designed spaceships in Dual Universe”.

When your game is player-driven, with the economy and everything else up for leaving your mark on, player designed spaceships is a potential addition down the line that makes sense. But for now, the Aegis Market is going to be here first. 

The introduction of the Aegis Market is going to be the only one of his kind for now, but if the implementation is positive,  with good player feedback, utility, and function, they may add more markets in the future.

For more, see the blog over at Dual Universe.


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