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Dual Universe Dev Blog Talks Protecting Intellectual Property

Protect your creations

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Dual Universe dev blog looks at two features to be released in a future patch – construct intellectual property protection, and blueprints duplication.

The first feature, construct intellectual property protection, aims to protect your creations when you share them in-game. It’s to prevent others to access the IP of these designs which they didn’t create. Specifically, the team outlines their intent to protect:

  • The possibility to create a Blueprint of the construct
  • The possibility to copy voxels from the construct to another construct (however, intra construct copies are still allowed)
  • The access to Lua scripts from Control Units
  • The access to HTML content from Screen Units

Blueprint duplication aims at allowing you to create copies of your blueprints. Other players can then use these blueprints to create “limited quantities” of constructs. The post outlines core blueprints and regular blueprints.

Core blueprints are free to create. They are created when you or someone else owns the rights to create a blueprint from a construct and generate that blueprint. A regular blueprint, on the other hand, is just a one-run blueprint. It’s a duplication of the core blueprint.

You can catch the full blog here.


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