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Dual Universe Dev Blog Looks at Tech Optimization

Detailed but heavy

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Dual Universe dev blog looks at tech optimization.

The blog is quite extensive and covers off topics such as GPU culling, GI (global illumination), ground shader, HexOctree, dynamic load balancing, visibility, Kubernetes, and mesh server. If that sounds like a bunch of tech jargon, don’t worry. The blog goes pretty in depth into each topic, providing a decent explanation.

For example, what the heck is HexOctree? It’s actually an in-house technology developed to solve issues related to procedurally generated planet voxels,

“Dual Universe stores its voxels, which make up almost the entirety of the game with the exception of certain elements, in a cubic grid. Hexoctree is a new type of voxel grid, made specifically for planets, that dramatically simplifies many of the internal operations related to planet geometry. A 'regular' voxel grid does not align nicely with the surface of a sphere, making calculations tedious, especially as we get closer to the core. Hexoctrees, on the other hand, 'bend' the voxel grid into a spherical shell shape, making the grid align perfectly with a planet's surface, allowing us to very quickly reason about the relationship between the planet's surface and the voxel grid.”

Still, some may find the subject matter too dense. For those who love tech talk, the blog is worth a read.


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