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Dual Universe Dev Blog Introduces Organization Wallets

Arriving in 0.24

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new dev blog for Dual Universe has introduced organization wallets. Just what are they?

These organization wallets will be included in the upcoming 0.24 update alongside the Mission System. These aim to be a simple method to transfer money to and from organizations. However, these won’t necessarily be limited to just organizations. In short, each organization will now have a wallet. Each wallet will have two rights: consult wallet, and edit wallet.

Consult will basically be read-only, while editing allows you to buy, sell, pay taxes, browse the log, and transfer funds. The transfer of funds part is interesting as noted by the post,

“All players can give any amount of quanta to any other player or organization. Players with the necessary wallet rights of an organization can also transfer money from the organization wallet to any other entity. Transfers are tracked in the wallet logs of both the sender and the recipient.”

Transfers must be 1000 quanta minimum, and there’s a cooldown period of 10 minutes between transactions with the same sender and recipient. You can learn more about the system here.


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