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Dual Universe Dev Blog Explains Why It Will Remain PC Exclusive Despite Next Gen Consoles

The issue is manpower, money, and resources

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Despite all this talk of next gen consoles on the horizon, the Dual Universe team explained why their game will remain PC exclusive.

The detailed lengthy explanation was provided in a recent dev blog. The team actually acknowledges that the issue isn’t the horsepower in the new machines. In fact, the PS5 and Xbox Series X should be powerful enough to run Dual Universe. The team said that this simply wasn’t the case for the current generation machines,

“The thing is, and we’ve explained this a lot since the Kickstarter campaign, that there was no way to run DU on current console gen hardware — even on the latest Xbox One X and PS4 Pro iterations. DU was designed with the PC tech and ergonomic possibilities in mind from the beginning. And then, the recent announcements of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gave many among you some new hopes.”

The issue, it seems, is down to resources and focus,

“As a small indie company, even with the strength of our two studios in Paris and Montréal, we have to continue to be careful about how we manage our production. Releasing several versions of a game is something we just chose not to do right now. This doesn't mean it could never happen, it's just that it would demand extra requirements to fulfill than just wanting to share our dream project with an even bigger audience.”

The post continues, citing much more manpower, more money, extra resources, and adhering to the manufacturers’ (Microsoft and Sony) processes. This ultimately requires substantially more work,

“Porting DU on consoles would probably require us to work with several partners (outsourcing companies and/or a publisher) and while we talk with everybody in the industry like all studios, nothing has ever been signed in that prospect yet.”

You can read the full post here.


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