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Dual Universe Details the 'Space Territory Warfare' PvP, and New Units Coming in Athena Update

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Novaquark devs have been talking about it for a while, but now there are details on the space territory PvP they're working on for the Dual Universe Athena update.

They're adding what they are calling Alien Space Core units that you can find scattered around outside of safe zones. The Alien Cores will generate resources and anyone who captures them will be able to  get a building platform. You can then harvest the resources that the Cores generate through brand new Space Mining Units and another addition called The Relic Plasma Extractor. When a player arrives at a Core and claims ownership, they can use it like a regular one and build a base around it. They can place Space Mining Units and Relic Plasma Extractors and start gathering resources.  

You'll want to use a new item, the Space Unit Shield Generator, to protect what you've built. These can be adjusted to defend against various damage types, but they don't have the feature to vent. Instead of this, they will lock down when they reach 60% and a countdown will start at a minimum of 18 hours. Other systems, like mounted weapons,  will also lock down during this time and the timer won't be visible publicly at first. But if you are viewing the construct, you'll be able to see the remaining time. They are creating stakes as well as opportunities for strategy. The new items, the Space Mining Units, Space Unit Shield Generators, and Relic The Relic Plasma Extractor will all be craftable, tradable, and sellable.

The team has also altered behavior around the maximum speed of a construct.The heavier the ship, the less maximum speed it will have. This should help balance out the mission system and affect PVP tactics because smaller ships can catch up to heavier ones. 

Novaquark is also introducing the first electronic warfare weapon, called the Stasis Weapon. It will use its own ammunition to reduce the maximum velocity of the ships you target. It can help you to slow down a ship or even put distance between you and a ship that's trying to chase you. These will also be craftable.

For the PVP details, check the devblog at Dual Universe.


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