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Dual Universe Blog Showcases Graphical Upgrades Coming in Next Alpha Phase

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Dual Universe site has been updated with a new blog post that shines the light on several graphical improvements coming to the next alpha build in the near future. Among things players can expect are higher resolution displays for planet textures, depth of field and motion blur implementation using a middleware called Yebis, and the addition of volumetric clouds with no impact on performance.

Here’s what NQ-Sirg, our Lead Graphics Programmer at Novaquark Paris, has to say about the work accomplished so far with Yebis: “Dual Universe uses PBR and HDR rendering. To get the absolute most of this technology, we decided to integrate a state of the art post-processing middleware. With Yebis, we were able to easily implement a beautiful bloom effect, optional depth of field, adaptive exposure, optional motion blur, and various other color corrections that overall enhance DU’s visual graphics.”

If you're not a big fan of motion blur, don't worry. This visual effect is completely optional and can be disabled through the options menu.

Read the full blog post on the Dual Universe site.


Suzie Ford

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