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Dual Universe Athena Update Will Feature PvP Changes and an Overhauled New Player Experience

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The Novaquark team has updated its roadmap for Dual Universe with details on the upcoming Athena update. The update is named Athena because space warfare is getting a layered introduction.

Athena will bring alien core units that will start to spawn in PVP zones. These units will function like space mining points and generate resources. They’ll also be up for the taking. Players and organizations can work and claim these points and take in the resources they produce. However the alien core units have to be defended, so don’t get too distracted by mining your bounties once you capture them.

The alien core units will also provide new PVP challenges for those that want them and it will also reduce pressure on players that don’t want to engage in PVP. Having these new points should help to take some of the heat off players who leave the safety zones and don’t necessarily just want to keep being ambushed by pirates and have their days ruined.

Also in the update is the space market and a completely revamped first time user experience (FTUE). Dual Universe has not been around as long as some of the other titles that have recently overhauled their entire new player experiences, but these changes are intended to give options to different play styles. The update here in Dual Universe is intended to be more comprehensible and leave players with a solid foundation of what they will need for success. Updating the new player content as many have been doing just makes sense if you want to set your community up for growth and involvement.

The Athena update is scheduled for sometime in late spring, but the team also plans to release a smaller update before Athena that will address quality of life improvements like new planet visual improvements, additional voxel building tools, and new jetpack behavior. 

See the updated roadmap and Athena details over at Dual Universe.


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