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Dual Universe Athena Update Overhauls New Player Experience, Includes Safe PvP-Free Planets to Start On

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Previous reveals about the upcoming Athena update for Dual Universe have covered the touted war features, like stations and ship sieges, along with new units. One promised new feature has not been revealed in more detail until now. That is the overhauled First Time User Experience (FTUE).

Mentioned in a previous roadmap update, the updated tutorial for new players is designed with multiple improvements to let players have an easier to understand introduction to the basics of Dual Universe. 

One feature that new players will find helpful is Safe Moons, which are  planets that are placed in a safe zone of space where there is no PVP. They are safe and permanent, so you can have a residence there in that part of the solar system without worrying about it being subject to disappearing. Safe Moons are also not subject to upkeep fees, so players don't have to worry about upkeep right away and not having to pay upkeep also keeps a space without inactivity penalty if a player needs a break.

They have added a new planet called Haven, and when new players join they will land on it, and it's designed as a new player friendly hub with three main rings of land that consist of different environments. Haven is designed as the introductory space since it has six biomes and 20 markets, which include 10 districts connecting Haven to Alioth and Sanctuary through shuttles.

After landing on Haven, players can customize their characters and then select a starting territory. You’ll get dropped off there and will also choose an outpost that you can deploy on Haven as part of your introduction to some of Dual Universe’s most basic features. There are 10 outposts to choose from, so you'll be able to give it a little bit of your own flavor by choosing a particular aesthetic that you like. All of them will function the same way, to help you get into the basics of your new adventure.

This new system is coming in Athena and looks to support the game’s continued growth as Novaquark looks towards the future. See the devblog and new screens over at Dual Universe.


Christina Gonzalez

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