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Dual Universe Athena Update Gets a Third and Final PTS Session Starting Tomorrow for Polish

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Preparing for the release of the Athena update for Dual Universe, Novaquark has announced a third and final PTS session to let players test out the update and help  the developers polish the final release.

The session opens tomorrow April 14th at 1 p.m. UTC and will run through April 19th at 9 a.m. UTC. The Athena update is looking to change things in many ways for players, from the newly arrived into this corner of space to those looking for a fight. With the promise to prepare for war because it’s coming, Athena will fill in some gaps on multiple fronts. The updated First Time User Experience (FTUE), the introductory session that will get players through a tutorial and to set up their first outposts is one of those new directions. On the other end, of course, are the promised battle opportunities and sieges.

With the opening of another PTS session, it seems that the dev team would do better with additional player data and feedback. Of course, if you haven’t participated in any of the prior testing sessions, this is also a chance to play through some of the content before it is finished and get an idea of what to expect. The ‘before it is finished’ part is key though, since this is still an in-development build and there could be multiple issues or even instability. Of course, this is why players are needed to help the devs polish up the update before it’s final.

With the final test scheduled to end on April 19th, this doesn’t give a window into when that final release will come just yet, but things are looking close.

Find out more about the final PTS session for Athena, as well as the plans for the update here at Dual Universe.


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