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Dual Universe Ares PVP Update on PTS While Demeter Update Has Been Delayed

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Dual Universe has released parts of its new Ares PVP update to the PTS and also updated its previously released roadmap for the next couple of months. The decision to push these updates for testing now is a change in the original plan, and it also pushes back the Demeter update, which has been slightly delayed. 

Changing plans for the Ares update (0.26x) is the result of a decision to go ahead with the PVP update first to the PTS, with an eye on a final release before Demeter, the mining centered update, gets here in early fall. Previously announced Docking and Boarding updates are included in Ares, along with improvements to warp drive, and PVP shields. There is also a new victory condition, Core Combat Stress, which involves the game's recently added asteroids. There will be a 

There are also some PVP exploits that have been fixed, along with improvements to warp drive.

The emphasis is mostly on PVP, but this is part of the planned updates to both gameplay, challenge, and to making a better and more welcoming game. While much of Ares is now available to test on the server, some features are still on the way for testing.

Other points of note on the release roadmap include Demeter, now scheduled for late fall, which will add automated mining via mining units, update territory management, and also add an in-game abuse reporting system. Later in the fall will be Juno, an update that will feature a new experience intended for first time Dual Universe players. Also planned, but with no release date yet, are visual improvements to biomes, new content by way of missions and challenges, events, and even a "recruit a friend" referral program. 

By the time all of these improvements and new features arrive, they'll continue to change the way the game is played and won. For more on the new planned release roadmap and how to get in and test the features, check the details on the Dual Universe site. 


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