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Dual Universe Announces Build Your Legacy and Ammo Madness Events in September Before Wipe and Launch

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Dual Universe is launching on September 27th, and Novaquark has announced two events to send off the beta: Build Your Legacy and Ammo Madness.

The first event is a building contest and it will start on September 6th and run through September 22nd. All players will be able to enter and build speeders or outposts using elements provided and specifications for each type of build. There will be dispensers with building elements and honeycomb at  a special event site near The Exchange.  all eligible entries must be a speeder or an outpost and the winners will be considered to be featured in a future iteration of the FTUE. So you have a chance to make your mark on the early experience of the game.

Each type of entry category has specific requirements to consider, including a list of what each must feature and size specifications.

The second entry, Ammo Madness, is a large-scale PVP event to send off and celebrate the end of beta. The development team will provide unlimited ammo for you to go out and have fun via special dispensers for everyone. The dispensers will begin appearing on Friday, September 16th and they'll go all weekend to Monday September 19th. The location of the dispensers is yet to be revealed but it will happen soon. And if you're looking to send off Dual Universe before the server wipe happens and everything starts from scratch, you'll have a chance to do so all weekend 

Of course, these events don’t run up through the exact end of the beta, so we’ll see if Novaquark has any more surprises in store in the time remaining. Until then, you can find out all of the available details, including all specs and requirements for Build Your Legacy, over in the event announcement at Dual Universe.


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