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Dual Universe 2021 Roadmap Includes Asteroid Discovery, PvP Rebalance, QoL

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Novaquark recently presented their updated Dual Universe roadmap for the rest of 2021 for Apollo, Demeter, and Juno updates slated throughout this year.

This roadmap was constructed with information collected from player feedback throughout the beta. After working on this roadmap internally, the team shared it to the public. It should note, this roadmap comes after a Q&A from updates 0.25 and 0.26. That update 0.26 is what is commonly referred to as the Apollo update.

At the time, Novaquark mentioned,

“We’ll share more details as the Apollo release date gets closer. To give you a little sneak peek now, we can say that overall it will feature weapons changes (including cosmetics), PvP-related bug fixes, the introduction of shields, and quite a few changes to the overall balancing of PvP. We would like to manage expectations by stating that this will be the first wave of changes and that we will have more heavy PvP-focused releases in the future.”

The Apollo update, then, is slated for mid-summer and will include asteroids discovery and mining, shields, PvP rebalancing V1 and new PvP assets, map and UI quality of life improvements, and new Lua screen tech.

The next update 0.27, called Demeter, is slated for end of summer or early Fall and will include automated mining (mining units), and territory management revamp. Finally, Fall 2021 will bring about the Juno update 0.28 and will include a new first time user experience, and “more.”

Keep in mind, this roadmap is a work in progress, but should give an idea of where the team is heading. You can check it out here. Recently, Novaquark shared information about how organizations are changing in Dual Universe.


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