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Dual Login Event Running All Month in TERA

Plus events all month long

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A dual login event is running all month long in TERA giving you a chance to win a Chupatoken token.

Additionally, you’ll be able to complete a Vanguard request every day until May 18 and receive a special item from a prize pool which expands each day. Note, you’ll need to log in every day to receive the prize.

The team has also added Chupatoken drops on final bosses of a few specific dungeons. You’ll be able to redeem these tokens for items. Events have also been added for the rest of the month. From May 5 through May 10, you can receive increased XP through completing Vanguard requests and dungeons.

From May 15 through May 17, Vanguard requests will see increased item rewards. May 22 through may 24 nets you increased drop rates for Card Fragments when you run dungeons, and when just out and about in the open world. Finally, May 29 through May 31, everything is enabled including increased XP, item rewards, and increased drops for Card Fragments.

Read the full update here.


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