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Drop's Bounty Box 2 is an Awesome RPG-Inspired, Tech Mystery Box

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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We’ve been fans of Drop.com, formerly Massdrop, for some time here at MMORPG. They’ve made their name on listening to fan communities of all stripes and then offering curated products at reduced prices. They’ve also gone a step farther and begun developing their own versions of some of the most beloved products out there, improving them for fans and slashing price. Now, they have a mystery box and it’s darn cool.

Drop calls them Bounty Boxes and they’re a bit more defined and premium than your average mystery box. The items you might receive fall in three categories: EDC and Blades, Audiophile, and Mech Keys. From there it’s a bit like an RPG. You have an assortment of “loot” broken into Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic categories. You’re guaranteed five items and can even narrow it down if you’d only like gear from one or two of those categories but if you leave it open to “Surprise Me!” you’re given the chance at an extra Rare item or the Epic upgrade. Right now, it’s a pair of watches and some IEMs valued at around $1000 each.

To make sure you get your money’s worth, every box is guaranteed two Common items, two Uncommons, and a Rare. Every “Surprise Me” you choose gives you a randomized chance at another Rare or the Epic.

Unlike so many mystery boxes, this one is easily the most premium and curated we’ve come across for techies. This round is ending soon so go and check the items that are included and sign up if you’re interested!

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Christopher Coke

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