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Drive The Överflöd Imorgon Sports Car in GTA Online

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can drive the Överflöd Imorgon sports car in GTA Online this week.

This week also features Double Rewards across the entire Arena War Series, all Contact Missions, and the Adversary Mode Resurrection. Additionally, a customized Obey 8F Drafter adorned with the baroque Val-de-Grâce custom livery debuts as this week’s Lucky Wheel top prize at the casino. If you own the Yellow Dog with Cone Statue, you will gain early access to new Yellow Dog with Cone clothing.

Discounts this week include:

·  Obey 8F Drafter (Sports) – 35% off

·  Terrorbyte Upgrades – 40% off

·  MOC Renovations – 40% off

·  Avenger Renovations – 40% off

·  Facility Upgrades (excluding Orbital Cannon) – 40% off

·  Executive Office Renovations – 40% off

·  Executive Office Garages, Add-Ons & Renovations – 40% off

·  Special Cargo Warehouse, Add-Ons & Renovations – 40% off

·  Biker Businesses – 40% off

·  MC Clubhouse Renovations – 40% off

·  MC Clubhouse Bike Shop – 40% off

·  Bunker Renovations & Add-Ons – 40% off

·  Nightclub Renovations – 40% off

·  Hangar Workshop – 40% off

·  Hangar Renovations & Add-Ons – 40% off

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