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DreamWorld, the 'Massive Open World Creative MMO' Successfully Funds Kickstarter Project

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A new Kickstarter MMO, DreamWorld has launched and funded in its first 9 hours. The new MMO surprisingly only asked for $10,000.00 to fully fund further development.

DreamWorld is described as a massive, open-world, creative MMO. According to the Chief Creative Officer, Zach, DreamWorld is “The endgame, it’s every genre, every game, every style, all wrapped into one.” While it’s difficult to really discern what that means, or how they hope to accomplish that, Zach explains the path that led him to DreamWorld which was paved through lost job opportunities and a devastating break-up.

While the story behind DreamWorld may be an underlying motivation for why Zach and Garrison decided to create the game, the main nuts and bolts of the endeavor spawned over the past year to a point where they believe they have enough created of the game to move forward with a Kickstarter campaign to further their development. The team is derived of 2 full-time developers and one part time developer. They promise to grant access to Alpha and update the Alpha ‘nearly every week’, with an eventual staff of 10 full-time developers.

Though their development is largely procedurally generated, with community-created content the focus of the game as a whole, the team was only asking for 10K to continue development, a feat that was funded within its first 9 hours. When asked how they expect to complete their project with 10 thousand dollars where other similar MMO’s have funded in the millions and failed to produce results, they responded with the below:

I can't speak to CoE's experience, I'm not sure why they weren't able to succeed. What I do know is that our approach was to get our technology developed first as our foundation so that we knew we could build whatever we came up with on top of it. Garrison has been working as what you could consider an 'infrastructural' engineer for Google, Apple, Facebook, and others for the better part of the last decade, and friends and consultants we're working with have similar experience. We've built our base level off of that expertise, so we're confident in our technology. My job is to put an exciting world and player experience on top of it, and that I can promise we'll also do in spades! :) We're also backed by YCombinator, so we're building community and trying to expand our team faster with Kickstarter!

-DreamWorld Kickstarter

The game has 21 days left to go and has doubled its funding as of this article. According to the team, they will be expanding the Kickstarter with stretch goals soon. Whether this project will continue to increase in popularity on Kickstarter or whether this is just one of the many games that will start off a DreamWorld and end up a nightmare, only time will tell.


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