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DreamWorld Opens Up Early Access and Adds a Free Trial to See What It's All About

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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DreamWorld, a “community-driven sandbox building MMO”, has now entered Early Access. If you’re not quite ready to jump in and buy the game, however, developer DreamWorld Realities is also offering a free trial.

The Early Access debut on PC is accompanied by a promotional price of $19.99,  but you can check it out with a 90-minute free trial before you buy the game. This might offset some of the initial controversy that has been following the game since its announcement and original crowdfunding campaign.

If you remember hearing about this game, it may have been from the initial announcement, or the Kickstarter campaign that helped fund it. While the development team also secured funding from  a variety of additional investors, there's still some lingering controversy that people have still not felt has been fully resolved.

The developers are pushing forward with DreamWorld. Some folks had harsh criticism for the alpha, but  offering a free trial along with the opening of Early Access does let you explore and try out the systems with no strings attached. Arguably, letting someone in the game gives them a fair look at the game and its systems (at least the starter areas and initially available systems, that is). Yet, 90 minutes isn’t a long time to make an extensive judgment. Still, this may work out better for the game than just opening up Early Access alone.

When the Early Access announcement was initially made, we took a look at the history of DreamWorld and how it had been received since its announcement over a year ago.  So, while a 90-minute free trial at this stage might give players a chance to see what's what with this game,  it might not go far enough to overcome some of the difficult responses they've seen so far. 

However, if you're looking to give it a try and see what DreamWorld is all about, head to the game's site for more info.



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