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Dreamlords at a Glance

Jon Wood Posted:
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News Manager Keith Cross has been playing Dreamlords: The Reawakening and shares his mixed feelings about the MMORPG and RTS hybrid game.

For the past few weeks I’ve been immersed in the world of Dreamlords, which launched in the middle of last month. If you haven’t heard of the game before now, Dreamlords is an independently developed online game from Swedish developer Lockpick Entertainment, but it’s not you typical MMO. Lockpick has been looking to expand the MMO beyond the RPG and into the game space of real time strategy, with Dreamlords being the final product of this endeavor. Although I haven’t played the game quite enough to make a full review, today I’d like to provide a basic first look at the game’s systems and features.

Dreamlords is set in a shattered world where people live on chunks, or islands, of reality floating in a foggy mist. Your dreamlord, your avatar in the world, is a giant glowing being who towers over regular humans and has recently awakened to be the savior of the people of your Patria, you territory. The game has three factions, the Thul, the Nihilim, and the Covenant. The Thul are a beast like warrior race, and are designed to be the most straight forward if combat is what you live for. The Nihilim are a group of magic users and weaker in combat bet better at building a Patria. The Covenant, of which the Nihilim are an offshoot, strike a balance between the two other races with no stand out exceptionalities nor deficiencies. They’re also the faction I chose.

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