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Dreadlands Update Adds Combat Balancing, New Tactic Cards

Ranged and melee balancing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Combat balancing and tactic cards come to Dreadlands.

Ranged and melee combat have received balancing,

“Main purpose of this content patch is to make melee and ranged combat a little bit more balanced,” reads the press release, “We are also aiming to make Goons, Scouts, Dogs and Boars to be more relevant and fun. As always we would really like your feedback on these changes.”

  • Rookies are now called Skirmishers and will have a more defined role as a fast but weak attack unit. .
  • Scouts/Goons melee skill increased from 2 to 3. Scouts/Goons also gets the Gunslinger skill (see below)
  • All except Skirmishers will have their movement reduced to 4.
  • Charging will no longer give an extra attack, only +1 to melee skill.

Tactic cards have been added as well. To unlock them, just enter your hideout between today and until the next Content Patch (in roughly 2 weeks time). After that you will have to unlock them normally by increasing your in-game fame.

Additional cards include:

  • Scrap Vulture (Scrappers)
    • Any time the target deals melee damage they will restore their armor by 1. Lasts 3 turns
  • Spore skin (Tribe-kin)
    • Every time the unit is hit they exude a cloud of spores that makes them -15% harder to hit for that turn (stacks up to 2x times). Spore skin lasts 2 turns.


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