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Drakania Awakening Arrives to Unleash the Power of Dragons in Black Desert Online and Console

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Black Desert players on both PC and console have gotten the new Drakania Awakening update today, and can now play the newest, Awakening, form of Drakania, the deadly descendent of dragons. The update also begins a new season, Dawn of Dragons, on PC.

The arrival of Drakania earlier this year made a statement with her flashy combat style and fierce, explosive power. So if you’re looking to impress on top of that, this is a good start. Awakening Drakania has a new, exclusive weapon, the Trion, which combines two spears. One spear is imbued with wind and the other with fire, representing the duality of her powerful combat and the dragon heritage. 

She uses both weapons, but can switch forms to modify her attacks and favor one over another. Her first form, Hexeblood, is the human form, while Dragonblood is, you guessed it, a dragon form. She’s a melee class, so you can use the Awakening form to fight in a new way, with additional types of power and fury. 

If you’ve already played Pre-Awakened Drakania, she can switch between Pre-Awakened Stance and Awakening but can remain in her Awakening Stance. The new Awakening does change her skills, however, and each form has its own influence on the skills and what she can do with them. While in her Dragonblood form, she can use her attacks to overpower her enemies, with attacks like a dragon roar that can destroy all enemies ahead. She can also use her Trion in Dragonblood form to crush her enemies. Her Hexeblood form is also showy and mighty in itself, with abilities like Tectonic Slam, which lets her combine her spears, unleash wind power towards her enemies, then charge them with her weapon.

Dawn of Dragons on PC opens up a new questline, rich in lore, the ability to unlock Drakania’s Awakening faster, and to gear her up. Also to celebrate, those brave enough can take on the Ash Dragon, Vatroth.

For all the update details, head over to Black Desert Online.


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