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Dragon's Dogma II Arrives in March 2024, New Trailer Released

Casey Bell Updated: Posted:
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Capcom blew the doors off of Dragon’s Dogma 2 this week with a 15 minute showcase unveiling the game’s release date and a number of new gameplay options and features.

Today’s announcement confirmed the March 22, 2024 release date unintentionally leaked by a PEGI ratings board listing earlier this month, so fans who have been itching for a sequel to the beloved action RPG originally released in 2012 shouldn’t have too much longer to wait now.

The showcase also showed off the game’s improved graphics, AI, and physics engine. One section focused on combat against a colossal monster called Talos. Capcom showed off the many different ways the player can engage in that fight depending on their build and vocation.

We also got a new look at the game’s character creation which Capcom noted will leverage photogrammetry to allow for more realistic and detailed characters. Players can choose to create their character and main Pawn as either a human or beastren, the latter of which bear a similarity to elves.

A new, player character restricted vocation, the Trickster, was revealed as well. The Trickster is more of a support vocation that uses a censer to create smoke and illusions to confuse enemies.

Pre-orders for Dragon’s Dogma II are now live for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A Deluxe Edition, available in both physical and digital formats, includes the “A Boon for Adventurer’s -  New Journey Pack” DLC, offering a number of likely to be useful for new characters.


Casey Bell