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Dragons Arrive On Trove's Console Versions, As Well As New Delves Content In The Voxel-MMO

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Voxel-MMO Trove has received an update to its console versions, bringing dragons and more to the MMO today. 

The latest update brings dragons to the console version of the Voxel-MMO, allowing players to try their hand at taming the new dragon mounts. Players who don't want to deal with the danger involved with acquiring a dragon can take the less-dangerous approach by getting their hands on magic carpets. These flying mounts have been added to the Mount Taming Bench.

Aspiring dragon tamers might want to try to get their hands on the fragments of three newly added dragons. For Amatrix, the Hexed players must fight the creatures residing in Amperia and the Neon Underground DelvesVaentaera, the Perpetual and A.T.M.O.S. –D-R4C’ fragments are located in the Volcanic biomes and the dark dungeons of Cursed Skylands respectively.

Delves are also getting some content, including recipes to create Delve Gateways in order to access specific bosses. Gamigo have also promised that this content, along with a bevy of quality-of-life improvements have been added to the MMO, giving console players more and more to do when exploring the world of Trove. You can check out the full patch notes on the Trove forums.


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