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Dragonflight Update 10.0.7 Notes Are Here to Preview All the Things Coming on Tuesday to WoW

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Dragonflight Update 10.0.7 will be live in World of Warcraft this coming Tuesday, and the team has shared the full update notes for a closer look at everything that’s in “Secrets of the Reach”. Expect new dangers, lots of incentive to explore, and a new treasure room instance.

First, there is more Dragonflight content on the way. The Forbidden Reach gives the update its title, and a big slice of its (max level) new content. Return to the Reach for all new lore-rich content that promises some answers to the mysteries surrounding the dracthyr Evokers.

If you were itching for new Dragonriding races, there are six  new ones, along with Dragonriding traits, Aerial Halt and Airborne Recovery. There are also 16 new customization manuscripts. 

There are new storms too,  and you'll be able to find them and their bosses, which will now come with shortened respawn timers. When a larger group engages the bosses, their health won't scale up as fast and the areas will give more Elemental Overflow. Drops will also include a chance for the bind on account gear tokens that are similar to the Forbidden Reach. 

Speaking of factions, there’s a notable new one in the update that you can build trust with. The Winterpelt furbolg have their own language, and it will take time and effort to learn to understand one another. You can start with a quest. Factions will also have envoys that you can visit daily to earn reputation, with bonuses for the one you choose to help that day.

The Monk class will be open to goblins, worgen, and Lightforged draenai. For additional flavor, Orc, tauren, and Highmountain Tauren Priest NPCs will be added.

Classes get a long, carefully explained, series of balance changes, with so many that the full patch notes are the best way to prepare for what’s coming for your characters. 

PvP changes continue to work to improve Rated Solo Shuffle, both to dissuade leavers, and to allow for those in a Solo Shuffle queue to search for other PvP opportunities. This is designed to help counter the sometimes very long queue times, particularly for DPS, while not locking people out of PvP overall.

This is clearly a big update, as promised in WoW’s Dragonflight roadmap. Read the full rundown here.


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