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Dragonflight Revamping Professions, the New Crafting Orders System, Crafting Quality Tiers, and More Detailed

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Professions in Dragonflight are getting an update. Just like the return of talent trees with their new structure, Blizzard is making some changes to the profession system. The changes are, like the emphasis on choice within making your own class builds feel more customized, being made to add depth and to be more engaging and add to the experience.

There's a new development blog on the professions, focusing on crafting, but with more details on their plans. Blizzard outlined three main goals of what they wanted to incorporate into the updated professions system:

    Crafting Orders

    Profession Specializations

    Crafting and Gathering with quality

With the introduction of crafting orders, Dragonflight will bring a new way to place an order for almost any of the crafting recipes found on Dragon Isles using a new interface similar to the Auction House. The service will be provided for a small fee by The Artisan’s Consortium, a new organization with its first branch in the Dragon Isles. You have three options that you can set when you place an order. Your order can be fulfilled by anyone, guild members only, or a specific person. If you need tradeable reagents, you or the crafter can provide them but anything Soulbound needs to be provided by you. You can customize the order in a number of ways, including by supplying materials for specialized stats. You set a commission and anyone eligible who crafts the item can collect the commission, minus a small fee. 

There are profession specializations that let you specialize in primary crafting and gathering professions at certain skill levels. There is also a new system of crafting quality, which is new and not to be mistaken for rarity. Some items won't have a quality indicator, but some will and the effects of those higher quality levels might be a more powerful effect, or another benefit. It will be cheaper to craft lower quality items. 

You’ll be able to learn to craft higher-quality items by skilling up your base crafting profession and by the quality of the materials used. Yet a new change is that your primary crafting will only need to be skilled up about halfway in order to learn all recipes. The team doesn't want to feel like everyone needs to rush to max out professions skills, knowing that you can still continue to gain skills and improve your crafting, without having to rush.

There is much more and the developer blog, including the new Phial, which replaces the Flask, but works differently, and much more. Dragonflight will be bringing lots of changes, and it looks like deep dives will keep coming.

Read the full blog over at World of Warcraft.


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