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Dragonflight PTR Features Storm's Fury Event, Accessibility Changes, and Improvements

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Yesterday, Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft’s next big Dragonflight content update, 10.0.5, would be out on January 24th. The update has come to the PTR, with many features available to test, including the new Storm’s Fury event. Expect some changes to Solo Shuffle to discourage leavers, class tweaks, a number of accessibility changes, and much more.

One feature not available at this time is the upcoming Trading Post. That feature will be live in early February, but it is currently disabled on the PTR. Blizzard is still getting ready to unroll it though. To tempt holdouts that haven’t bought Dragonflight yet, Blizzard is offering a one-time free 500 Trader’s Tender bonus for the expansion’s owners. Trader’s Tender will be the currency you can use to trade for goodies via the Trading Post.

What you can jump into and test now includes The Storm’s Fury repeatable event. This new event, taking place in The Primalist Future, will offer the opportunity to participate every five hours. You’ll need to have a good group ready to take this one on, so get ready to seal some Primalist portals and defeat some monsters. If you’re successful, you’ll walk away with Essence of the Storm, which is tradable for rewards. One of the strategic elements to this event is that the storm will have an effect, the Primalists will try to freeze all their enemies, so there will be vendors that sell items that can help you to mitigate some of the obstacles.

The PTR build also contains some new accessibility updates. When you enable UI colorblind mode there will be a plus icon on all learnable nodes to make them more visible. History nodes will also be more visually distinct. Also on the PTR are new options intended to help reduce the incidents of motion sickness that accompany Dragonriding for some players. 

Changes to Solo Shuffle continue improving how the system will handle those who leave matches, including additional prompts and additional penalties. Since this continues to be an issue, those who leave excessively can possibly have their account reviewed and sanctioned.  

You can read the full notes over at World of Warcraft.


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